Mission Statement

Multidisciplinary art festival for children and adults

STORMOPKOMST is a multidisciplinary art festival for children and adults with a special focus on art forms and disciplines which don't get much attention from art organisations for children and the childrens' programming of cultural centres: visual arts, media art, music, architecture and interdisciplinary art forms with one of these displines as a starting point. 
Certainly outside the larger cities, children are not so much exposed to these kind of art forms. The format of our festival provides a platform with a low-threshold to make artistic discoveries. By means of a varied festival programme STORMOPKOMST invites experts and laymen to go on a qualitative discovery feast.

Creation, presentation, trajectories

STORMOPKOMST wants to contribute  to a climate of qualitative and innovative art for, by and with children via creation, presentation and trajectories. This organisation focusses on all children (up to 12) and the adults around them, in the context of family, school and in their spare time. STORMOPKOMST would also like to inspire artists and other adults who can have an impact by their work or position in society on the artistic environment and the chances for children to develop their artistic skills and talents.

Innovative and generous

Artistic research goes hand in hand with the care for a varied audience. STORMOPKOMST strives to provide the right framework for each art piece and a good understanding for the audience. The festival devotes a great deal of attention to the creation of an inviting and stimulating context for the experience of art wherin exploration, imagination and connection are in focus. Opposed to the strong mediatised child culture, STORMOPKOMST promotes the endurance of researched and shared artistic experiences. STORMOPKOMST is commited to reach children and families from different cultures and social - economic backgrounds.

Laboratory, all year long

STORMOPKOMST is more than a festival. It's a laboratory for artistic developments, arts educative frameworks and cross-sectural synergies. Moreover, STORMOPKOMST is active even outside the festival period. Via creation assignments and during residences or ateliers artists are stimulated to share their artistic research with children.

Completely new is our commitment to longstanding and cross-sectural trajectories which embrace the entire subsidy period. These trajectories start with societal challenges in connection with the artistic climate children grow up with. In every trajectory STORMOPKOMST wants to combine the potential of several partner organisations from diverse policies into one synergie with artistic and societal surplus. STORMOPKOMST is the initator and main driver behind these projects, which enhances it by the cooperation or coproductions with art organisations, a creation assignment, public communication and presentations during the festival. With proper follow-up, these trajectories may be exemplary in Flanders.

Regional anchorage, broad Flemish embedding, international ambitions

STORMOPKOMST combines a solid regional anchorage with a broad embedding in the Flemish art field and international ambitions. For the creation and presentation of innovative, artistic work for, by and with children, STORMOPKOMST works together with art organisations and individual artists from Flanders and beyond. In the longer trajectories STORMOPKOMST challenges itself to excercise its societal rol als child arts organisations at a maximum by a fased and practice-orientated cooperation process.

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