Overview 2021

Day of The Future

Zaventem, Sunday 28th of November

Festival, CC De Factorij, Zaventem
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Day of The Forest

Dilbeek, October

Visual arts, cc Westrand, Dilbeek
After the art workshops with children, artist Zeli Bauwens developed one of her ideas further. 
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Morgen Shmorgen

Turnhout, Sunday 26th of September

Festival, de Warande, Turnhout
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Genk, from 7 until 11 July 

Installation, C-Mine, Genk

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Turnhout, March 2021

"...your alternative festival looks really great."
- Klaartje

The big festival on March 28th in Turnhout we had to postpone. But: what was still possible?!

The colorful ribbons of Pure  were planned to brighten up the inside of de Warande. Christian Bakalov decided to take his installation to the streets of Turnhout. Now every passerby could get a dose of colors and pure wonder. 

The letterproject how to start a movement from Merel Smitt was already coronaproof. The zine-workshop with 40 families went online and everything went on as planned. 

Thanks to the Flanders Activity Grant, Dan Mussett went to elementary school Het Kompas. Thirty second grade students were immersed in art and technology. Afterwards he rehearsed for a few days at the Warande. He took this experience to develop a new series of The (play) Dating Project. The premiere followed at the fesitval in Turnhout end of September 2021.

Day of The Future


Morgen Shmorgen


how to start a movement - Merel Smitt