Lize Pede

Lize Pede makes living sculptures from a material that we, unfortunately, still use every day. She uses a giant ball of plastic with which she creates images in different shapes and sounds. Filipino artist Roberth Fuentes made a video in which he shows you how he worked with this material in his (polluted) homeland. At the end of the performance, you can make sculptures with collected plastic yourself.

Additional info

Actress, director and visual artist Lize Pede balances on the thin line between visual art and theater. She made the performance of ISLAND OF SLOW together with Filipino artist Roberth Fuentes. At STORMOPKOMST her work is presented in a different form than usual.

January 26, 2020: CC Westrand Dilbeek
March 1, 2020: C-mine Genk
March 29, 2020: de Warande Turnhout

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ISLAND OF SLOW LR (c)Elies van Renterghem.jpgfoto (c) Elies Van Renterghem