Sara De Graeve, Marijke Coussement & Nathan Van Esbroeck (Studio Babayaga) i.s.m. Nerdlab

In Twitter poetry, the digital and the analog come together in a new, absurd world. Multiple columns of random words are projected onto a wall. The words roll off and on. As soon as someone picks up the receiver of one of the old analogue telephone sets, a word remains still. If you do this several times - or with different people - you get a sentence. This sentence is immediately sent into the world via Twitter. Together with other participants, you form an absurd, poem, that is visible all over the world. Follow @STRMOPKMST or check

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Nerdlab is an arts education organization that believes young people are going to save the world.

January 26, 2020: CC Westrand Dilbeek
March 1, 2020: C-mine Genk
March 29, 2020: de Warande Turnhout

CC Westrand: Gallery

In Dilbeek we work with family day passes. You can buy it via this link, or via the CC Westrand ticket counter.

How does the family day pass work?
You can participate in all activities for € 10 per person. For activities with limited capacity, you must reserve on the spot at the reception desk.

Ticket sales for Genk and Turnhout start at the end of January.

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