Festival Centre

C-mine 10 
3600 Genk
How to get there?

de Warande
Warandestraat 42
2300 Turnhout
How to get there?

Kamerijklaan 46
1700 Dilbeek
How to get there?


A day pass is used in Genk and Turnhout:
This pass allows you to participate in all activities. Some shows have limited audience capacity, but take place several times a day. Reserve your seat on the day itself at the reception desk.

C-mine Genk
€10 (general price) / €5 (-26y) / FREE (by showing a valid ticket for the C-mine expedition or SWING show by Circus Ronaldo, both on 1 March 2020)
Online available via this link 
By Phone on 089 65 44 90
Ticketcounter: C-mine 10, 3600 Genk
On the day itself, the ticketcounter opens at 10h. At the reception desk you can reserve for specific performances from 12h.

de Warande Turnhout
€10 (pre-sale) / €15
Online available via this link 
By Phone on 014 41 69 91
Ticketcounter: Warandestraat 42, 2300 Turnhout
On the day itself, the ticketcounter opens at 12:15h.