Katya Ev

For the festival STORMOPKOMST, artist Katya Ev re-enacts the performance  'Augenmusik' (Paris, 2016) [as an opening ceremony for the festival. Five performers will silently and separately depart from different parts of the city of Turnhout holding blue flashing lights and converge at de Warande. Indicated on the map of Turnhout are the different trajectories of the five participants with their symbolically selected starting points. You can join the performers at their starting points and follow them in the streets of Turnhout to bring you to the festival.

The performance  'Augenmusik’ was realised for the first time in the streets of Paris in 2016 during the nation-wide ‘State of Emergency’ after the Parisian attacks of 2015, and without any institutional framework. A strong signifier of state power and a signal of danger, in Ev’s performance the police emergency light is taken over by the performers, thereby shifting power metaphorically to the people. Conceived by the artist to not go against any applicable law, the walk makes visible to  what extent the authorities themselves walk on the border of legislation. The performance interrogates the potential of the individual agency in relation to the state power in the present context of the current health crisis taken by the state through a logic of emergency, but creating alarming situations in numerous other domains.

The performance Augenmusik was previously re-enacted in the streets of Ghent (2020), Aalst (2021) and exhibited at La Nuit Blanche (Paris, 2016), Palais de Tokyo (2018), Netwerk Aalst (2021).

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