Freerk Wieringa


Freerk Wieringa’s Wieringa (°1978,Rijssen, the Netherlands) iconic, towering, steel sculptures are a perfect illustration of advanced industrial technology and authentic craftmanship. A combination of computer-driven motors, hydraulics, sensor technology and audience interaction brings these immense robots to life.

The motors, wiring and other technology provide a contrast with their forged appearance. Rather than hiding the used technology, it remains visible for the audience. This gives spectators the opportunity to marvel at the separate forms of kinetics that give life to the sculptural structure. It’s as if Wieringa’s designs display the different stages of technological evolution.

The possibility of interaction integrates the audience into the work and thus offers a very direct and physical experience to the spectator. In 2005, for example, Wieringa exhibited his computer-driven and interactive work ‘Dog’ at Art Rotterdam. The guard dog responsed to the presence of the spectator. If he or she approached, the dog became either more vigilant or docile.



Stainless steel, pneumatics

60 x 400 x 350 cm

Freerk Wieringa - Dog