Gerard Van Lankveld

Pontus Sub Marea

Gerard van Lankveld (°1947, Gemert) is considered one of the most important representatives of outsider art. He founded the empire Monera Carkos Vlado in his North Brabant house. According to his own translation, the name means ‘refuge from the outside world’. It is a state-within-a-state, over which he reigns as emperor. Here, he can be happy. He needs this parallel world in order to be able to face the world outside of it. Being an inventor and thinker, he creates the most ingenious machines: steam engines, trains, clocks.

On display here is his submarine. The work is part of the collection of the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent, where Van Lankveld had a solo exhibition in 2005.



Metal, copper, oil paint

38 x 130 x 16 cm

Artist’s collection Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent

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Gerard Van Lankveld - Pontus Sub Marea