STORMOPKOMST co-produces

Nero is an international co-production for children aged 2 to 5.

Italian Alfredo Zinola and American Maxwell McCarthy created a performance for toddlers about the dark. STORMOPKOMST linked them with Croatian musician Marin Zivkovich, who created Sound Wall for the 2014 festival, using the architecture of Hostel Wadi (Hoge Rielen) as a score.

In collaboration with HETGEVOLG, STORMOPKOMST offered the trio a residency spot in Turnhout in February 2015, with several try-outs for schools and families.

In March 2015, the performance premiered at the Schaubude in Berlin, and then immediately traveled to STORMOPKOMST.


It’s a most fascinating netherworld that NERO invites children to dive into. An emotional space constructed by the actors and the children’s imagination. Read more

„Nero“ ist ein poetischer Schritt zusammen ins Dunkle, in die Magie der Nacht. Read more

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Curious? Nero played other venues afterwards and is still touring. Check the Alfredo Zinola website for dates.