Working Method


Working Method is an international production for both children and adults.

Enkidu Khaled is an Iraqi/Belgian theatre-maker. STORMOPKOMST is producing his new project Working Method. Khaled is no stranger to the festival: In 2015 he first presented Dreams of Environment to an audience of children and adults.

With Working Method Enkidu Khaled developed a 'working method' to generate new stories in a seemingly simple way. The modules can be executed by children and adults alike. They make use of objects, associations, writing, drawing, etc.

The working method consists of different phases which one can participate in either separately or consecutively. Participating in a session is both workshop ánd show. The performers act as workshop leaders, taking the audience by the hand to facilitate the creation of unexpected imagery. Enkidu Khaled runs workshops himself, but also invites other performers to guide the process or apply it to their own work.

From 3 to 5 December, Enkidu Khaled and Eleana Alexandrou  will be presenting Working Method in Fraslab I in Frascati, Amsterdam. At the STORMOPKOMST festival (18 tot 20 maart 2016)  the first phase will, for the first time, be executed by adults and children together.

STORMOPKOMST also supports Working Method with production and general management.


Working Method will be performed at

  • Theater Aan Zee (Ostend): from friday, July 29 until sunday, July 31th and from tuesday, August 2nd until friday, August 5th | 11.00 & 15.00                  
  • A Corner in the World (Istanbul): Sunday, October 2nd 2016

The workshop (8-12 years) can be followed at De Studio (Antwerp) at september 14th 2016, from 13u30-16u30.


An article about Working Method in (in english)

Working Method

Working Method - Enkidu Khaled