A String Section

Reckless Sleepers

Five women stand up as if they are part of an orchestra. They sit on a chair. They don't wear a violin or bassoon, but a saw. With these instruments, they saw the legs of their chair. Yet they remain seated.

The women are powerful, complicated, determined, agile, weak, confused, proud, uncomfortable, lost, strong, serious, formal, funny. But what is left of the chairs?

Additional info

Reckless Sleepers makes performances on the border between dance, theater and performance, for adults and for children. At STORMOPKOMST A String Section is presented to children for the first time.

January 26, 2020: CC Westrand Dilbeek
March 1, 2020: C-mine Genk
March 29, 2020: de Warande Turnhout

image © Sven Becker voor MUDAM Luxembourg

Concept Leen Dewilde | Production Mole Wetherell | Dancers Leen Dewilde, Caroline D’Haese, Sofie Vanderstede, Meike Stevens, Anna Heuer Hanssen en Alexa Moya.

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