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The programme of STORMOPKOMST is online - take a look

If you would like to view the brochure online (only in Dutch), click on the image below.


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These are the dates of STORMOPKOMST

26 01 2020
at CC Westrand, Dilbeek

01 03 2020
at C-mine, Genk 

29 03 2020
at de Warande, Turnhout

Rube Goldberg Machine

We built a Rube Goldberg Machine from October 29-31st at de Warande, Turnhout. You want to see it work? Take a look at the video on the left!

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art festival for children and adults


Take a look at the aftermovie of STORMOPKOMST in Dilbeek

Welcome to Festival Digital

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Look at our Rube Goldberg Machine

Pictures of STORMOPKOMST in Dilbeek

The programme of STORMOPKOMST 2020

Beluister hier onze radiospot op Klara

  1. Storm Op KomstV2.wav

    Radiospot op Klara