STORM plus

STORM+ is the less visible part of STORMOPKOMST. 

>>A number of examples of STORM+ projects/programmes

Our flagship is our annual festival in Turnhout. In addition, we maintain many relationships with artists, schools, associations, etc. We call it a project if it is a one-off and limited in time, a trajectory if it runs over several months or years.

The projects and trajectories are diverse: tailor-made support for an individual artist to a large-scale philosophy pool for aspiring teachers. The link with the festival is always there: a presentation, a tour, a performance, a visit.


Not all projects are on the site yet. But: feel free to contact festival leader Ester Torres Falacto Simões.

Why contact us? Because you have a question about one of the projects or a very good idea to work together.

Enkidu Khaled - Working Method