In the visual arts people have been fascinated by the challenge of painting in one color or working in one type of material. But also musicians have been busy to compose works that focus on simplification. Connoisseurs believe that this touches the real essence of a piece of music, painting or visual artwork.

In these timemonochromes, composer / pianist Guy Vandromme examines what these monochromes (can) mean in music today. During STORMOPKOMST he invites different sound artists at different locations to work with children, youth and adults.

  • In Dilbeek you work as a sound artist with sounds that will be recorded on the moment itself. Adriaan Severins guides you to a common creation of a soundscape.
  • In Genk, Stefaan Quix and the audience explore the countless possibilities and characteristics of sound.
  • In Turnhout, Maja Jantar gives you the opportunity to isolate yourself from ambient noise to experience what silence does to you.
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In the world of music theater, dance and opera, Guy Vandromme investigates soundmemories of forgotten music.

March 1, 2020: C-mine Genk
March 29, 2020: de Warande Turnhout

Beeld © Guy Vandromme

Concept en realisatie: Guy Vandromme 

In samenwerking met: Adriaan Severins (Dilbeek), Stefaan Quix (Genk) en Maja Jantar (Turnhout)

timemonochromes (c) Guy Vandromme.jpg