Kunstlab Recup

Laura De Cloedt

Recycling is something we can all learn. Maybe you already know how to reuse garbage. But can waste also be artfully reused? At the workingtables of KUNSTLAB there are already several creative possibilities. Help to brighten the plastic soup! Or maybe you can think of other recycle opportunities...

Additional info

Laura De Cloedt is an art education freelancer. She works from the belief that every development of creativity can be an interesting experience, regardless of age.

The open workingtables let you dive into an arts lab where you are consciously or unconsciously involved in artistic thinking.

March 1, 2020: C-mine Genk
March 29, 2020: de Warande Turnhout

Beeld © Tomi Ungerer

concept en uitvoering: Laura De Cloedt 

kunstlab recup (c) tomi ungerer.jpeg