The Collective Collection

Kristof Van Gestel

Visual artist Kristof Van Gestel made during the past months in the Collectieve Collectie countless new things from everyday objects. For this he worked together with dozens of participants.

At STORMOPKOMST you can to view and explore this collection of unexpected shapes in the Luifelzaal.

Additional info

As artist in residence of the Warande, Kristof Van Gestel inspires and encourages participants in two participatory projects: the Collective Collection and the Mascotte Gallery. Making art is a way for him to explore the world.

March 29, 2020: de Warande Turnhout

Image © Kristof Van Gestel

concept en uitvoering: Kristof Van Gestel, als Artist in Residence van de Warande

De Collectieve Collectie LR (c)kristof van gestel.jpg