Bart Stolle

Darwinian Symphony

Bart Stolle (°1974, Eeklo) is mostly known for his simple animated movies. Besides those, he also paints and draws. Throughout his body of work, he draws connections between computer logic and the human mind. His visual language references both early 20th century modernism and computer language. He plays with our expectations relating to what computer-generated imagery looks like versus what is man-made. In a time of continuous visual stimulation, he tries to create work in which different ideas and moments can reach a moment of symbiosis.

This exhibition shows the work ‘Darwinian Symphony’. Made by making use of the traditional frame-by-frame method, this movie moves away from contemporary reality and delves into a deeper layer and understanding of time. The figures and shapes consist of elementary geometric forms and are aligned on sheet music. They constantly change: they take on different colors or change behavior depending on their function. They rhythmically adapt to any given situation – which is why the title refers to the man who fathered the theory of evolution.




6 min. 19 sec. (continuous loop)

Courtesy Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

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