Benjamin Monti


Benjamin Monti (°1981, Luik) is an illustrator. His drawing style is clear; his figures often generic. He doesn’t draw from his imagination, but instead takes them from old encyclopedia, children books, etc. Although the images might appear classical, they aren’t at all – often they contain curious perversities and deranged fantasies. The beauty of the drawings conceals this cruel fantasy world. It is no surprise that his work generates ambiguous feelings of appreciation.

Monti does not draw on clean sheets of paper. He recycles old notebooks to make his artworks, incorporating the scribbles and notes as a graphic element into his drawings. These function as catalysts for further inspiration. In the drawings exhibited here, Monti highlights the beauty of old technical drawings.



Chinese ink on found drawing

(from the series natural history)

22,7 x 14,5 cm

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