Nick Ervinck

Nick Ervinck (°1981, Roeselare) is a sculptor who maximizes the possibilities of new and contemporary technological developments.  He uses 3D-printing to generate sculptural shapes. Through the use of computer technology he is able to make objects he wouldn’t be able to create with just his hands. Charmed by the unpredictability of digital processes, he enjoys the serendipitous coincidences that his method provides. From thousand digital sketches, he picks one that pleases him.

In recent years, the relation between man and machine has been a central theme to Nick Ervinck’s work. He is intrigued by the concept of the cyborg – a physical fusion of man and machine. This led Ervinck to create a series of peculiar cyborg sculptures. His visual language merges future and past imagery. Similarities to the classical portrait bust reference sculptural traditions, while the cyborgs’ regal postures and imposing harnesses give them the impression of futuristic idols, looming high above the visitor.  The many references to science fiction, manga and knightly figures lend a mythical quality to Ervinck’s surreal sculptures. His sources of inspiration are manifold: robots, extraterrestrial monsters and the mysterious creatures that sprung from the imagination from artists like H.R. Giger and that star in sci-fi movies in which they struggle for world domination. Besides those fantastic references, Ervinck also draws on the visual language of ancient cultures such as the Incas and Mayas in his use of helmets, jewelry and masks.



SLS 3D print

68 x 35 x 43 cm

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