Patrick Tresset

Paul-III.a, Paul-III.b en Paul-III.c

Patrick Tresset is a Frenchman based in London. In his artistic practice he works around robots that simulate human actions. More specifically, he creates robots that display behavior that could be termed ‘artistic’ or ‘expressive’. By having robots perform these actions, Tresset questions several aspects of the human creation process. How does an artist represent something or someone? What do people see when they look at illustration or works of art? And where lies the interpretative difference in watching a human or a robot performing the same kind of action? Tresset’s work is situated on the intersection of art, robotics and computer technology. At the same time, though, his work posits fundamentally philosophical questions about what the concept of ‘creation’ entails.

In the work on display here in ‘Man and Machine’, three robotic arms are mounted on drawing tables. Aided by a little camera, they register the person in front of them and mechanically transpose this registration into a sketch.



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Patrick Tresset - Paul-III.a, Paul-III.b en Paul-III.c