Serge Delaunay

à l’an 10.690

Serge Delaunay (°1956, Charleroi) is one of the important exponents of Outsider Art.

In 1978 Delaunay started working in a maintenance service. The work did not interest him, though, and instead he fantasized about a machine that could do the work in his place: a robot Renault! That meant the start of his spatial and artistic work, to which he added illustration in 1981. Genuinely passionate about science, Delaunay has subscriptions to several scientific magazines. These inform his countless drawings of cars, rockets and space shuttles. He supplements his drawing with texts and manuals for his machines. Throughout the years, his work has matured. After experimenting with various techniques, he ultimately settled for black marker on white paper.


29,7 x 42 cm
© collection art & marges musée – museum

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Serge Delaunay - à l’an 10.690