• Handy: Walk in and out with your daypass.

  • Presale8 or 12 euro (during the festival: 10 or 15 euro)

  • Value for money: With the daypass you can have a complete day filled with fun and entertainment. Prepare a schedule or decide on the spot. 

Order your Ticket
What is a daypass? 
With this pass, you are guaranteed access to the festival STORMOPKOMST 2017. For some performances or workshops you need a reservation in advance. This is only possible the day of the festival (Sunday the 19th of march). Reserve your spot at the front desk at the head entrance of the Warande. Keep in mind; Full is full. Bekijk hier het programma.

Does it get any better? Kan het nog beter?
Yes! The first fifty candidates are welcomed with a festive breakfast. If you are one of the lucky ones you will receive an e-mail.