Erik Satie flirting with the Mavericks

Guy Vandromme

Two piano’s.
A movie screen.
Your eyes and ears.

This is all you need in order to undergo this bewildering and intimate film concert.
Pianist Guy Vandromme plays Satie, Antheil and Cage on a regular and on an irregular piano while a wonderful movie is brought to life.

Language experience

You just started learning Dutch               

Additional info

Guy Vandromme has blown us away multiple times before at STORMOPKOMST. In 2010 he surprised us with his performance Rikadla. In 2012 he reconstructed the chessboard of John Cage, with you could produce music by playing chess (Reunion). In 2015 calmed everyone down using the music of Morton Feldman.  This year, he wont hold is musical talent back in Eric Satie flirting with the Mavericks.