Create your own Image-Sonnet!


Dutch poet Ted van Lieshout has created a unique poem, an image-sonnet, especially for this festival edition of STORMOPKOMST.

An image-sonnet has the shape and the rhyme scheme of a sonnet, but consists of images instead of words.
The images are arranged so that they take the form of a sonnet: 14 verses, divided into four stanzas. The first two verses each consist of four lines and the last 2 to 3 lines.
Also, the rhyme at the end of the rules is important.

In an image-sonnet, the pictures rhyme with each other: an apple rhymes with an apple, a pear with a pear. This can be the same apples and pears, but also apples and pears that look a little different each time. The most common rhyme scheme of a sonnet is abba abba cdc dcd.
You may already be inspired by our Zeesonnet.

During this workshop you get to work with scissors, glue, paper and crayons to create a poem of images with the whole family!

90 minutes
de Warande

Wednesday 25th of March

  • 2 pm

© Ted van Lieshout