Breakfast sunny side up

Alle Dagen Honger en Katharina Smets

How would you like your egg?

Mum wants a poached egg,
my brother wants it sunny side up,
Dad wants an omelet
and I want a hard-boiled egg.
Who wins?
Everybody wins!

Radio presenter Katharina Smets and the kitchen princesses of Alle Dagen Honger will not be mislead by the simplicity of an egg. Breakfast with eggs will never be the same! You will get eggs on your plate and in your ears: an interactive breakfast full of stories!

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About Katharina Smets:

Katharina Smets (1984) is an independent radiomaker with a background in philosophy, philogy and theatre. Among others, she has worked for Klara, Radio 1, VPRO, BBC World Service and NPR. She is a visiting lecturer audiostorytelling at the department Word Art at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. Katharina organizes in collaboration with deBuren evenings in Flanders and the Netherlands where you can listen to adventurous radio stories in the dark.

About Alle Dagen Honger:

Alle Dagen Honger is Johanna Goyvaerts, Barbara Serulus en Mayken Craenen. On their blog they document their search for good food. They're lead by political, ecological, cultural, ethical and gastronomic themes, by passionate craftsmen and chefs, but also ook by scientists and journalists. Besides profiles and reports Jo, Barbara en Mayken also post recipes.

In 2012 and 2013 Alle Dagen Honger won the Weekend Knack Blog Award for Best Culinary Blog. They've worked out culinary projects for De Vooruit, 30CC and Villanella. Every year they organize a food festival called KRACHTVOER. Since 2014 they write for De Standaard Magazine. This spring their first book is published by Uitgeverij Luster.

90 minutes
de Warande

Sunday 29th of March

  • 9:30 am - 11 am

© photo:, execution and presentation: Katharina Smets en Alle Dagen Honger.