Les Fabuleuse d’Avontures de Marquisse d’Ecquevilly

Maarten Janssens

Les Fabuleuse d’avontures de Marquisse d’Ecquevilly is a solo-streettheatre-performance, in which a young inventor of noble descent constructs a never-seen before model of aeroplane. In this performance, mechanical construction-installations are the co-actors of the artist. This means that a lot of importance is placed on esthetics and design of the installation. 

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About Maarten Janssens:

For a very long time Maarten has been fascinated by living organisms.
How they move, how they grow, the shape, the structure, where they come from..
Now, he is creating theatrical installations, objects, theatrical machines, decors for all kinds of performances.
During his designs and studies (architecture, circus and scenography) he remained attracted by  these life forms
and by nature itself.
This is a trademark of Maarten, his guideline through all of his work.

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de Warande

Saturday 28th of March and Sunday 29th of March

  • Continuous between 11 am and 5pm.

© Performer, concept and creation: Maarten Janssens, production: Maarten Janssens, De Machienerie vzw, Ell Circo d'Ell Fuego vzw.