Mister Paper and Don Carbon

Theater De Spiegel

Mister Paper and Don Carbon are two strange men who are looking for a story. By using lots of paper, they promise to deliver a fun and adventurous show. The books about 'Meneer Papier' (from Elvis Peeters and Gerda Dendoven) are a hit in Belgium. The whole show rustles and crackles, and is a very good show to get introduced to the world of theatre.

45 minutes
Oude bib

Sunday 29th of March

  • 10 am
  • 2 pm

© De Spiegel

Director: Pat Van Hemelrijck

Composition: Stefan Wellens

Play: Karel Van Ransbeeck en Stefan Wellens

Stage and props: Wim Van de Vyver

Technique: Francois Caels