Katrien Oosterlinck/keski.e.space

Raaklijnen is a performance created by dancers ánd the audience. It’s about relationships between people, about the influence of others around you on your own behavior. This way, Raaklijnen is an adventure for both the audience and the dancers!

45 minutes

Saturday 28th of March

  • 2.30 pm
  • 4.00 pm

© Photography: We Document Art - Design: Sarah Vanbelle.  Creation: Katrien Oosterlinck, Dancers: Caroline Mathieu, Charlie Denat, Marisa Cabal, Dance coach: Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Scenography: Katrien Oosterlinck en Sarah Vanbelle, Design: Sarah Vanbelle, Artistic advice: Alexandra Meijer, Sound design: Pol Vanlaer, Light design: Caroline Mathieu, Costume: Lies Maréchal, Production: keski.e.space and Kosmonaut Production, Co-production: cultuurcentrum Hasselt en Theater a/h Vrijthof Maastricht i.k.v. P2-Interlimburgse subsidies, Residence: cultuurcentrum Hasselt, cultuurcentrum Berchem, STORMOPKOMST/de Warande, De Veerman, cultuurcentrum Puurs