Autonomous Scenography - in situ

Meryem Bayram

This production grew out of Meryem Bayram’s fascination with pop-up books. Analogous to these books, she developed a series of life-sized basic shapes made of cardboard sheets that can fold open into an arsenal of incredible forms and figures. She then invited a number of performers to unleash their creative imaginations on the installation. In this way, the scenography does not result from a story or choreography, but vice versa. Spaces, objects and worlds come to life in a silent and suggestive interplay of shapes.

30 minutes
Houten Zaal

Sunday 29th of March

  • 2.30pm

© Photos: Mersut Arslan, Objects and concept:  Meryem Bayram, developed with and performed: Gaëtan Bulourde, sound design:  Charo Calvo, licht design:  Pol Matthé, outside eye  David Bergé, costume: Johanna Trudzinski, production: Valerie De Visscher, production assistent: Gizem Karaosmanoglu, special thanks to Marnix Rummens, Production Platform 0090 Co-production STUK/Leuven (Playground #8), wpZimmer/Antwerpen, MAF festival/Antwerpen, Storm op Komst/Turnhout - With the support of the Flemish Community.