Belgisch Instituut voor de Normalisatie

On the 21st of March the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation (Belgisch Instituut voor Normalisatie or BIN) opens its doors!

The bureau is situated at walking distance from de Warande. Especially for STORMOPKOMST their exhibition space will be open during the festival and you can pay it a visit for free.

The Belgian Bureau for Standardisation is a collective of visual artists and thinkers who occupy the Zellien Fabri site in the centre of Turnhout for a year. This Sanitary company has a rich past in the heart of Turnhout, but has moved out of town. This year the Bureau brings the fallen dust back to life and brings new meanings to old structures: where the stock rooms of the company used to be, there is now an atelier and showroom which serves as an exhibition space.

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Also open during STORMOPKOMST!

For more information:

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Patersstraat 55, 2300 Turnhout

Wednesday 25 of March

  • 6-10 pm

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of March

  • 2-6pm

© Photos: Bart Van der Moeren

Execution: BIN