Dreams of environment


Ahmed Khaled created a physical theatre piece in different chapters. In every chapter a situation or an image unfolds itself slowly. The central theme is the ambiguity of the image itself, of the character, of the idea that is expressed. Is a character human or animal? Is the situation threatening, banal, or surreal? The piece is built out of contrasts: surrealism versus ordinary images, non-spoken, physical expression versus intense bodily sounds.

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Free discussion afterwards: Philosophizing with children

Right after this performance there will be a group conversation about this piece with Eef Cornelissen, an expert in guiding interesting discussions with children. 

Duration: 50 minutes
Max. 15 children (make a reservation right before the performance at the reception)
Free (children only)

de Warande

Saturday 28th of March

  • 2.30pm

EXTRA: Philosophizing with children (after the performance)

Following after the performance, there is also a discussion forseen with Eefje Cornelissen, an expert on how to have engaging conversations. She will discuss this fascinating performance with the children.

Duration: 50 minutes
Ages: 8 to 10 year olds
Max. 15 children (reservation right before the performance)
Free + Only Children allowed

From Ahmed Khaled
Play: Floor Leeuwen, Ahmed Khaled
Technical support: Hussein Atshan
Dramaturgy: Esther Severi.
Created during Bâtard Festival Brussels 2012, developed with the support of workspacebrussels, detheatermaker, Scheld'apen.