Exhibition 'Aandacht ! Aandacht !'

de Warande en STORMOPKOMST

Contemporary visual art for children.

From the 25th of March till the 24th of May we organize an exposition which stimulates your senses. The visual arts allow you to take an extra look, makes you hear with your teeth instead of your ears and put you on the wrong track.

Tingling hands after so many impressions? In the workshop you can, inspired by the expo, get to work with new materials and techniques.
A guided tour of the exhibition is also possible, but has to be booked in advance.

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Participating artists:

Elodie Antoine
Sara Bjarland
Tomas Boiy
David Claerbout
Stijn Cole
Peter De Cupere
Peter De Meyer
Fred Eerdekens
Glenn Geerinck
Aernoudt Jacobs
Patrick Keulemans
Gideon Kiefer
Bernhard Leitner
Mark Lewis
Derick Melander
Ivan Navarro
Stefan Peters
Helmut Stallaerts
Katerina Undo
Jonas Vansteenkiste
Karl Van Welden
Filip Vervaet
Heidi Voet
Leen Voet
Yang Yongliang

STORMOPKOMST in corporation with the exhibition service of de Warande