Ties (11 years): 'It was a nice week! I could show all my imagination to others. We also laughed a lot. Chantalla was sweet and not strict at all. She did tell us to persevere. The technical things were sometimes weird. Fortunately, the people of CREW are very involved with technology! I think the audience will be amazed afterwards. Surprised that our fantasy could suddenly become a bit of a reality.'

STORMOPKOMST invited high-tech theater company Crew for a residency. We wanted to see if they could use C.a.p.e. (Computer Assisted Personal Environments) technology for children. Director Chantalla Pleiter investigated how this could be done. Six children from Turnhout immersed themselves for a week in the wonderful world of CREW. Video glasses, a 360° camera, a laptop backpack...

C.a.p.e. KIT is the first CREW creation on a child's scale. Video glasses, trackers and headphones place you in the middle of the filmed image. In this way you discover, step by step, another space and time.

Am I big or small?
Am I there or here?
Where has time gone?

The ideas of Fien Mermans, Willem Kindt, Ties Van de Pol, Britt de Roost, Kaat Geivers and Anton Hufkens also form the basis of the final performance.

STORMOPKOMST was co-producer of C.a.p.e. KIT.

Website of CREW

What afterwards?

The performance premiered in March 2013 at STROMOPKOMST. C.a.p.e. KIT, toured extensively in Belgium and subsequently saw a bit of the world (Dance & Theatre Festival, Gothenburg, May 2013 - Kosice 2013, Slovakia, May 2013 - Metropolis/KIT festival, Copenhagen, August 2013 - Festival de la Bâtie, Geneva, September 2013).

Premiere 2013, (c) Bart Van der Moeren